The principle of preservation by dehydration process is to remove the moisture content of a material to a level where micro-organism may not be able to grow and spoil it. Dehydration of vegetables by sun-drying is the oldest known method. Now modern techniques have been developed for dehydration of vegetables. In this process, the dehydrated product has better flavor, color, aroma, rehydration, acceptability, etc. in comparison to sundried dehydrated products. There are some dehydrated vegetables as cabbage, carrot, green chili, bitter gourd, cucumber, etc. The dehydrated vegetables are used to manufacture instant vegetable noodles, soups, snacks and fast food. Dehydrated onion is used as condiment and flavouring agent in manufacturing of tomato ketchups, sauces, salad, pickles, chutneys, meat sausages, masala bread and buns, breakfast foods, etc. Dehydrated garlic is used for aids in digestion and for absorption of food having athelemetic and antiseptic properties and in some medicinal formulations